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Industrial Refrigeration

Bassett Mechanical has the knowledge and experience to ensure the successful engineering and construction of your industrial refrigeration systems. With more than 75 years of experience designing, fabricating, and installing ammonia-refrigeration systems, we know what it takes to build your system for safety, efficiency, and problem-free operation. Our team of engineers, designers, and field crews are recognized by many of the nation’s largest food processors for their expertise and work ethic.

    •  Experts in ammonia refrigeration systems for process or space
         cooling or freezing
    •  Fluid chillers for industrial process applications
    •  Knowledge and application of codes and standards – ASME, IIAR,
         ASHRAE, OSHA, EPA
    •  Understand and can support the unique safety requirements of 
         ammonia refrigeration systems
    •  PSM (Process Safety Management) and RMP (Risk Management
         Program) assistance
    •  Emergency Ammonia Response Team

Refrigeration Design approach
    •  Systems engineered to meet all load profiles (full-time and minimum
         loads) while designing for future expansion and economy
    •  Energy reduction assessments and solutions
    •  Integrated control systems
    •  Computerized stress analysis of piping systems

Value-added capabilities
•  Nationwide capability 
    •  Shop fabrication of key components and piping assemblies
    •  Partnered with Frick, Vilter, and all other major industry equipment
    •  Engineering and fabrication of packaged and skidded systems for
         use in a wide variety of settings
    •  In house source for the design and fabrication of re-circulators and
         pressure vessels for quick responses and expedited delivery

Industrial refrigeration solutions for:

  • Thermal storage systems
  • Test rooms
  • Heat recovery
  • Ice Rinks; background-position: 0px -416px; " class="TB_Button_Image" alt="" />

Industries We Serve
    •  Frozen Entrees
    •  Frozen Snacks and Desserts
    •  Pizza
    •  Beverage Processing
    •  Cheese and Dairy
    •  Meat and Poultry
    •  Fruit and Vegetables
    •  Cold storage