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Hygienic Duct Solutions for Food Processors

Solutions for Hygienic Air Within Your Facility

Food processing, including dairy, meat & cheese processing, and ready-to-eat (RTE) food preparation requires hygienic air handling as a critical element of your food processing system. At times, the focus of engineering is concentrated on the hygienic duct air handler and not the air delivery system. To maintain sanitary standards, hygienic duct design and fabrication is required.

For the safety of your facility, Bassett Mechanical is pleased to add clarity to these ductwork requirements to help you make informed decisions.

To eliminate “catch points” that could become points of bacterial growth and microorganisms, you can define how smooth is smooth enough and whether the exterior of hygienic duct surfaces should be subject to the same degree of cleanliness of design as the interior surfaces.

To provide a breadth of options, Bassett Mechanical offers different hygienic ductwork solutions that address the needs of our food processor customers:

Bassett 2M

Hygienic air ductwork weld.

Our 2M designation is applied to a color cleaned, MIG welded (on transverse joints) stainless steel ductwork. MIG is a higher speed welding process, leaving a less smooth weld than the TIG welding process.

Bassett 2M includes TIG welds on longitudinal joints, that are seam welded and color cleaned. This high quality weld is created using an automated process, unique to Bassett’s capabilities. Note these welds are not ground flat to the surface.

Bassett 2T

Enhanced hygienic air ductwork weld.

Our 2T designation is applied to color cleaned, TIG welded (on both transverse and longitudinal joints) stainless steel ductwork. The longitudinal joints are seam welded in an automated process.

The 2T specification includes the removal of any weld spatter or discoloration. Note these welds are not ground flush to the surface.

Bassett 3T

Superior hygienic air ductwork weld – when sanitation and hygiene can’t be compromised.

Our 3T designation is applied to a color cleaned, TIG welded, ground smooth and blended stainless steel hygienic duct, featuring a 150 grit polish finish.

The welds are ground flush, all pits and surface variation removed, with welded areas matching the surface finish.

Material of Construction: Bassett Mechanical hygienic ductwork features stainless steel construction. Our standard offerings feature either 304 or 316 stainless steel. Food processors should review their environmental conditions and their wash down procedures to determine if the 316 stainless steel premium for the inclusion of molybdenum (added to 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance to chlorides) has substantive value to their operations.

Material gauge is 16 gauge minimum, increasing by pressure classification.

Material Finish: Our hygienic ductwork construction features either a 2B or a 4B finish. 2B is a bright, smooth, unbrushed finish. We define a 4B finish, a loosely applied industry term, to be a 150 grit polish brushed finish.

You have options…

For special requirements, our capabilities extend beyond our standards.

Should you have special grit finishes required, sealed insulation requirements or hygienic metal fabrication requirements that go beyond ductwork, we have an extensive team of engineers and professionals dedicated to serving your needs.


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