Creating Customers for Life®

"Truly caring about the quality of work and the impact that work has on the customer."
"Honest, Professional & Efficient."
"Highly professional customer-centric organization."
"High manufacturing quality, flexibility, qualified people."
"Attention is given to all details."
"Excellent people, shop, quality, and on-time deliveries."
"They do excellent work and stand behind it if there is an issue."
"When bringing Bassett on-site, I never have a worry about the workmanship and professionalism that is displayed. A great, worry-free contractor!"
"My experiences with Bassett have been very positive. When bringing Bassett onsite, I never have a worry about the workmanship and professionalism that is displayed. A great worry free contractor!" -McCain Foods"

Core Values

Bassett Mechanical operates based on a set of core values that all our employees share. Our hiring practices support these values to promote and secure the health of our corporate culture:

  • Safety

    We believe that the attention to detail that makes our workers safe is the same attention to detail that improves the quality of our work and the delivery of our products and services. Our commitment to safety helps protect our most valuable asset – our people – and our customers’ assets of property and people. We will not allow safety to be compromised by schedule or cost. More about our commitment to safety…

  • Customer Focus

    Bassett lives by the motto “We Answer to You®”. We create lasting value for our customers when we listen to and understand our customers’ business needs. Our solutions and capabilities must align with our customers’ needs.

  • Integrity

    Trust is at the heart of integrity. Being trustworthy means that we keep our word with customers, suppliers, partners, and fellow employees. It motivates us to do the right thing and go the extra mile.

  • Technical Competence/Expertise

    All of Bassett’s solutions, designs, and workmanship derive from the skills, talents, insights and expertise of its people working in a strong team environment. We require our people to achieve and maintain essential certifications, and stay on top of new technologies and improved methods in order to provide the most efficient and effective solutions for our customers.

  • Respect For People

    We believe that genuine concern and empathy help create a vibrant work environment and nurture lasting employee, customer, supplier, and community relationships. Bassett strives to treat people fairly, honestly, ethically, and with dignity. Respect for one another fosters open relationships and teamwork which creates the greatest value for all concerned.

  • Quality/Continuous Improvement

    We share a common passion for continuously finding more efficient and effective ways to provide value to our customers and to improve the way we operate internally. Continuous improvement is our culture. Our ISO and LEAN processes help everyone focus on ways to continuously improve.

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