“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” –Warren Buffett

We started in 1936…one man and a truck. I think about the groundwork that was laid 83 years ago. Our safety culture was founded on a brotherhood of associates looking out for each other. Along the way we found new technology, stronger gear, and best practices that helped us build a safe foundation for the generations of associates to come.

Earlier this year we held our “take your child to work day”. I looked around the room at all of those inquisitive wide-eyed faces and instantly my mind flashed forward to 20 years from now.  Year 2040. Those same children or grandchildren may walk into Bassett Mechanical, present their application, and ask for a job.  Full of excitement and willingness to learn, but with less safety experience than what many of you hold today. Luckily for them, each of you have been laying a foundation of safe work practices that will carry over to future generations. They will have a better tomorrow because today you clarified the safety requirements for a task, you surveyed your job site for hazards, you handed a pair of gloves to a coworker, and you shared your story so your teams could learn from your experience. You laid the foundation that makes this place stronger and safer.  If I can take liberties on the quote above-“someone will be safer tomorrow because you put safe practices in place today.”

The future of Bassett Mechanical thanks you for your safety focus today.