Earlier this year, Bassett Mechanical shared the exciting news that our PSM Services Manager graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison PSMP Certificate program.

This unique program was created by UW Madison for Process Safety Management Professionals and Coordinators whose industrial refrigeration work focuses on facilities using ammonia. This Process Safety Management Professional (PSMP) Certificate is a combined offering between the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Engineering Professional Development and the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC). It provides an in-depth understanding of ammonia refrigeration technology, safety principles, and regulatory compliance requirements as well as other fundamentals including technical leadership, management skills, and document management systems.

Bassett Mechanical is proud to announce PSM Specialist Kevin White as our second graduate of the PSMP program.  “This program helps us serve our customers better,” says Kevin. “The whole class is predicated on PSM and how to be a better PSM professional. It covers all of the core competencies that a PSM professional should know.”

The PSMP program holds a series of core classes and several electives that help PSM professionals and end-users maintain a compliant program at their facilities. Kevin recalls that the curriculum reinforced a steady groundwork for the knowledge of a compliant PSM program and could immediately begin reinforcing the principals in interactions with his customers.

“Many of the participants were end-users and customers. I was able to learn not only from the IRC, but also from users all over the United States and in several different countries as well.” Kevin gained valuable knowledge listening and learning about how the end-users engage with PSM in their own facilities and about their PSM needs. “When we are tuned in to our customer’s perspective, we can better serve them and understand their thoughts and concerns.”

Kevin explains that this certificate program is a great standard for ensuring a PSM professional has the core knowledge and compliance to properly execute the program, but that’s not all. “Everyone thinks that PSM is solely compliance-driven, but compliance is the basics. The stepping stone.  It is the floor, not the ceiling.” Kevin is dedicated to providing better, safer, more efficient solutions for customers that goes beyond compliance and maximizes the overall safety of their people, product, and facility. Kevin asks the right questions that help analyze the current state and provide support to any areas that could benefit from a safer process.  “Our goal is to take a good hard look at a system, what is crucial to the facility, and uncover areas where we can improve safety. If we can identify these areas for improvement and provide training, then we have done our best to keep our customers safe and that is what matters most.”

Congratulations to Kevin on completing this course and maximizing safe and effective PSM programs for our customers! Click here to learn more about Bassett Mechanical’s compliance plus PSM capabilities!