Bassett Mechanical is proud to announce, that as of February 2021, we have reached 1.5 million hours without experiencing an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) lost time injury. That means it has been nearly two years since an associate has missed time on the job because of a work-related injury. This significant milestone is a reflection of the strength within our safety culture and the powerful commitment our associates have to keeping each other safe.

Safety has always been a core value at Bassett Mechanical, even 85 years ago when our company was just starting out. Every associate throughout the years has helped to push forward our goal of safety and we are very proud of the dedication and devotion each of them has made to bring us to where we are today- a team truly dedicated to making a difference in the community and within the Bassett Mechanical Family.

“Safety is all about people and we have great associates at Bassett that produce in a way that not only keeps themselves safe but keeps those around them and our customers safe as well.” says Cory Goldschmidt, Director of Safety.  “Combined with Bassett’s engaged, safety-minded leadership team, we have created an environment that puts our associates in a position for success and helps them feel safe knowing they can go home every day to be with their loved ones.”

“There is nothing more important,” says Kim Bassett, President and CEO, who was named one of 2020’s CEO’s Who ‘Get It’ by the National Safety Council’s Health + Safety Magazine and 2020 inductee into the Wisconsin Safety Council Hall of Fame. “Safety has been and will continue to be a top priority for our company. We will continue to anticipate and proactively minimize risks for our associates, customers, and community. Each day is an opportunity to impact someone’s life.”

Our associates are glad to be part of something so important that helps to protect them and their families. “It is very important to me that we have a great safety culture,” says Ben B., Cutting Table Operator, “I’ve worked here for 20 years in part because I know how seriously Bassett takes safety.” Jay S., Sheet Metal Field Foreman, says, “Bassett cares about the safety of each employee like we are family, and we are all taught to take care of each other and watch out for each other’s wellbeing.”

Associates feel empowered to speak up, take action, and halt work if necessary until it can be done in a safe manner.  Alex H., Sheet Metal Journeyman, says “With our safety culture here at Bassett, I know I’m going home safely every day and will be healthy at the end of my career.” “I like that Bassett puts safety first and always gives you the time to do the job the safest possible way,” says Kevin S., another Journeyman in our Sheet Metal division. Scott A., a painter in our manufacturing facility, says he likes that safety is a major priority and is glad that Bassett provides the training and equipment that make associates feel safe and comfortable while working.

Safety will continue to be a value and focus at Bassett Mechanical.  We are constantly striving to innovatively improve our safety programs, build our safety culture, and continue to keep our associates and customers safe.  This has been an exciting journey for our Bassett Mechanical Family. A journey we will continue to work hard at and achieve many more milestones in the future!