Bassett Mechanical is proud to receive the 24th annual corporate safety award! Of the 85 applicants, only 12 companies were honored with this award and Bassett Mechanical is just one of three winners in the midsize construction (NAICS Code 23) category.

The Wisconsin Safety Council established this award program 24 years ago to honor companies who continue to prioritize safety in their business, maintain excellent safety records, and have worked hard to create a safe and healthy culture. The Wisconsin Safety Council states “these companies are making safety a top priority.  They have gone to extensive measures to assure their most valuable asset- their employees- are safe on the job.”  Since our inception in 1936, Bassett Mechanical has worked hard to develop a culture focused on safety and is humbled to have been chosen to win this award for the third time.

“Our associates are our most valuable resource and we want to thank them for working safely every day” states Kim Bassett.

“While we are more than honored to receive such an award, we don’t do it for the recognition,” states Bassett Mechanical President and CEO, Kim Bassett, “the reward is knowing that our associates go home to their families every night as safely as they arrived in the morning”.  Bassett Mechanical is not only family-owned but also treats its associates as family.  The organization holds one another to high expectations; simply meeting minimums is never enough. “Safety and respect are two of our core values and they go hand-in-hand”, says Ryan Theunis, Bassett Mechanical Safety Manager, “we hold each other accountable and set the bar high for keeping each other safe”. This mentality of continuous improvement through respect is the foundation of a Lean organization. Bassett prides itself on its commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of the organization, including the management of their corporate safety program.

Bassett Mechanical’s safety program strives to continuously improve and better protect associates through a collaborative approach. Theunis says “employees are encouraged to share their input and ideas. We provide as many opportunities for engagement as we can”. At Bassett we encourage involvement in the safety culture through participation in the corporate safety committee, safety improvement opportunities, behavioral-based safety program, and a general open-door policy within the safety department. Our associates take pride in improving their work environment and watching out for one another which in turn has helped us achieve our recent record of 3 million man-hours without lost-time injury.

“Our associates are our most valuable resource and we want to thank them for working safely every day” states Kim Bassett. “We look forward to many more years of achieving safety milestones, and most importantly many more years of healthy associates returning home safely to their families each and every day.”