UW Madison recently launched a unique program created for Process Safety Management Professionals and Coordinators whose industrial refrigeration work focuses on facilities using ammonia. This Process Safety Management Professional (PSMP) Certificate is a combined offering between the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Engineering Professional Development and the Industrial Refrigeration Consortium (IRC). It provides an in-depth understanding of ammonia refrigeration technology, safety principles, and regulatory compliance requirements as well as other fundamentals including technical leadership, management skills, and document management systems.

“Even though someone has operated an ammonia system or PSM program for a number of years, they still may not have all the information necessary for complete PSM or RMP compliance,” says Ryan Murphy, PSM Services Manager at Bassett Mechanical and recent graduate of the PSMP Certificate Program. Ryan explains that ammonia requirements are constantly changing. “That is why this certificate is such a benefit. It provides local expert training to keep our PSM staff up to speed so we can help our customers running safe and effective programs.”

With few professional certification offerings available specific to Process Safety Management and regulatory compliance, the certificate is a welcomed addition to a PSM professional’s knowledge base.  This comprehensive program was developed to include many different aspects of a PSM program and includes participant testing at the conclusion to ensure complete knowledge in the concepts taught.  “One of the best classes through this program was the ‘Ammonia Refrigeration System Safety’ class,” Ryan recalls. This particular class was taught by a Madison professional as well as OSHA and EPA guest instructors who provided in-depth detail and first-hand knowledge of the compliance requirements. Ryan states, “The direct interaction with those who are enforcing the regulations was invaluable.”

As PSM Manager, it is Ryan’s priority to ensure the quality of Bassett Mechanical’s PSM Services. “Going through these classes, completing the courses, and receiving certification ensures the knowledge behind our expertise and confirms that there are no details left unknown”.  Not only will each member of the PSM team complete this certification course, but will also continue their CIRO and CARO certifications, IIAR certificate programs, and participate in trainings through organizations such as RETA  and IIAR to stay engaged in the changes and updates made to the current PSM requirements.

“At the end of the day, it’s all about our customers,” says Ryan. “This training means that we can provide the very best expert knowledge about PSM and RMP compliance to our customers. For their safety, and the safety of their people, we hope all ammonia facilities consider a provider who has these types of certifications to ensure they are getting the safest most accurate compliance assistance available.”

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