Bassett Mechanical has long been established as a premier service provider in the Natural Refrigerant and HVAC markets throughout Wisconsin.  Our company dates back to 1936 with one man and a truck servicing home refrigerators and light commercial units. Fast forward to 1989 when our ever-growing business opens doors in Madison, Wisconsin. The Madison service business has developed significantly since then and today is home to an increasing number of staff and technicians proudly serving our Madison area customers.


Of all of the service contractors our customers could choose, they choose us. But why?  The HVAC service industry has long operated in a very reactive fashion.  Many companies do the minimum to maintain their equipment and then have their go-to contractor handle repairs when things break.  This is a less cost-effective model.  According to a 2013 study, $1 in deferred maintenance can equal $4 in future capital expenditures.


Bassett has long prescribed to a more cost-effective model of placing emphasis on a predictive approach.  Challenging companies to rethink their planning and spending strategy and walking through a process of analyzing current costs, helps companies determine if and how change may benefit them in the short and long-term.  Bassett brings unique program options that help customers implement cost-neutral solutions that cap their exposure to unplanned expenses. This is a key differentiator which helps develop a unified partnership that shares the risk.

Technicians also see the value these programs bring to customers firsthand.

“If I find something broke, it gets fixed, sometimes before the customer even knows that it’s broken. The customer doesn’t have to worry about getting approval for repairs, they can just call us and it’s taken care of.” – Steve L., Madison Area Service Technician

“It’s nice to talk to a customer about the repair you just completed after a discovery during maintenance instead of informing the customer of a repair that needs to be performed following maintenance. Technicians have the freedom to improve not only the reliability but overall operation of not just the equipment but the facility. ” –Seth R., Madison Area Service Technician

“Seriously though the most common thing I hear from our customers is the peace of mind they have knowing they won’t receive a large unexpected bill when equipment goes down.” – Jesse W., Madison Area Service Technician

“When I have found something wrong and fixed it and then reported to the customer, they were very happy to have it just taken care of. The equipment gets fixed quicker because there is no quoting and approval process.” – Troy H., Madison Area Service Technician

We are proud to serve our customers in the Madison area and all over the State of Wisconsin through our unique proactive maintenance solutions and drive for win-win relationships that Create Customers for Life®.