Precision machine beveled plate with plasma etched guide marks

Bassett Mechanical has a strong reputation in the Industrial Refrigeration community for our refrigeration system knowledge, our attentiveness to both customer needs and regulatory standards, and our commitment to the betterment of our industry. Bassett Mechanical’s team members voluntarily serve on the IIAR standard writing committee, education committee, piping committee, and compliance guideline committee, in an effort to contribute to the continued growth and safety of natural refrigeration.

With such an evident commitment to the advancement of refrigeration, it is no wonder that in addition to serving the end-user market with engineering, installation, and aftermarket service, we have also created valued partnerships with numerous natural refrigeration equipment suppliers.

With our depth of knowledge of refrigeration systems, we have developed an unmatched array of capabilities to convert our knowledge into component and packaged system manufacture, to both serve our suppliers and the broader North American refrigeration market. These products are produced by Thermatech, a Bassett Mechanical company.

For example, we have built vessels for three of the largest compressor manufacturers in our industry. With a solid reputation for integrity, we are able to serve their individual requirements and maintain the confidentiality of their proprietary information. In return, they are able to leverage our fluency in the language of refrigeration, our customer focus, and the LEAN processes that are embedded into our culture.

Further, their needs for quality are served through our advanced production processes. Our team skillfully converts 3D models to the machine language that drives our CNC plasma and laser machining centers for the processing of sheet metal, plate, and pipe. As refrigeration welds simply must not leak, the availability of CNC precision cut bevels, as used in the preparation of our weld joints, ensures the best available surface to weld on, furthering the consistency and solidity of our welds.

The combination of our experience and ability to meet United States and Canadian safety and construction standards for refrigeration systems, our array of in-house capabilities to construct packages, and our ability to provide system test and service support make us a true value-adding supplier. The large package capabilities offered by our 268,000 square foot manufacturing facility adds greater value and flexibility to customers’ unique needs and package requirements.

We have built relationships that leverage our abilities to manage the complex logistics and trade (welding, piping, assembly, electrical, insulation) coordination required to build refrigeration skids.

We take our responsibility to our customers very seriously. When we are entrusted to build for others our quality becomes their quality, and our commitment to on-time delivery reflects upon them. Our consistent reliability is an essential component to the trust that we build.

As a full-service solution provider for our customers, we also maintain the capabilities to build packaged or containerized refrigeration systems on a design/build basis to meet our customers’ specific needs. Such a broad array of packaged system experience further enhances and develops our refrigeration skillsets.

We offer an array of refrigeration vessels and vessel packages, from large liquid recirculation skids to oil pots and we build hundreds of refrigeration vessels every year. With a stock of long-lead-time components and a commitment to service, our delivery time on refrigeration vessels is industry-leading.

With a stock of long-lead-time components and a commitment to service, our delivery time on refrigeration vessels is industry-leading.

As part of our Thermatech team, there is a disciplined process of advancement in our team’s ability to work on vessels and skidded systems. As members of the Local 400 chapter of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union, our workers advance through an apprenticeship process. That process begins in general metal trades and progresses through welding frames, welding vessels, and welding pipe spools before taking the lead on a packaged system. During their progression through the apprenticeship program, they are coached by experienced journeymen, with broad refrigeration system experience. Every weld performed by our team members requires that they are certified for that specific weld process by one of our four in-house certified weld inspectors.

Refrigeration knowledge, state-of-the-art metal-working equipment, and skilled craftsmen add up to measurable quality and real value for our customers. Our full-service capabilities and industry-leading expertise reflects our commitment to our industry and to Creating Customers for Life®.

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