Amidst an accelerated schedule, our team embarked on a journey to revitalize the bathrooms at a local university residence hall, where we seamlessly integrated our design, plumbing, HVAC, and pre-fabrication capabilities. Our team began this project with a commitment to excellence, leveraging our expertise to enhance the bathroom’s functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. Through innovative design solutions and efficient pre-fabrication techniques, we navigated time constraints with precision and skill. From concept to completion, every aspect of this renovation was executed carefully, showcasing our dedication to excellence, efficiency, and Creating Customers for Life®.

We Listen:

Lawrence University Sage Remodel PlumbingLawrence University, a liberal arts college and conservatory of music in Appleton, WI, contacted us about a renovation project for Sage Hall on its campus. The four-story building, constructed in 1917 and renovated in 1972, houses 147 students. Having worked with Lawrence for several years on HVAC and steam-related projects, they knew our capabilities and quality of work.

The project goal was to renovate the interiors of four floors of restrooms and construct six accessible new dormitories. The renovation included 18 restrooms, some of which had to comply with ADA standards. A project of this size usually takes 6–12 months; however, it needed to be performed while the students were on summer break, meaning we had 75 days to complete it. Our team jumped at the challenge of being part of it.

We Discover & Look Ahead:

Before starting the project, our master plumbers completed a building audit to anticipate and mitigate potential obstacles. Armed with years of experience and expertise, they scrutinized the existing plumbing infrastructure, identifying any possible challenges that could arise during the remodeling process. During this phase it was an operating residence hall, so we needed to work closely with Lawrence to coordinate schedules for our team to access the building and the restrooms without disrupting the students.

Our thorough investigation showed that a complete overhaul of the building’s plumbing system and changes to the HVAC system was imperative. Despite the limited drawings of the building, we began redesigning the plumbing system using Revit software, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. We designed everything that needed to be updated and adequately sized for the new water and drain piping.

Pre Fab Plumbing Lawrence University

Once the final design was complete, proper permitting and city/state approvals were obtained, and summer break was underway, our expansive crew of over 20 individuals from Bassett immediately initiated the demolition phase. Numerous obstacles, ranging from aged concrete to misaligned walls and different types of materials, presented themselves. Our team needed to pivot and communicate to make the necessary design and on-site implementation changes.

From the model, we could use our pre-fabrication capabilities and our 284,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility. We fabricated all the water drops, shower valves, and shower heads and assembled them on jigs. Manufacturing these components off-site streamlines installation, saving valuable time and labor costs. Utilizing jigs ensures precise assembly, leading to higher quality and consistency in the final product.

In addition to the plumbing work, we also completed HVAC work:

  • Replaced five 20+-year-old boilers with high-efficiency boilers.
  • Replaced six zone pumps with all new pumps and a new expansion tank.
  • Replaced makeup air units.
  • Installed new control valves for all their equipment.
  • Switched from convection to forced heating.

The HVAC portion of the project also proved challenging due to the age of the equipment and the tight space. We tasked our HVAC engineering team with coming up with a design and the equipment that would fit in the original spots. Through their expertise and research, the team found the equipment that would work best for the 100+-year-old building.

Another project challenge was that the building did not have elevators, so all material had to be pushed through the windows on a forklift.

“We have a strong team of engineers, designers, and foremen who understood what we were tasked with this project. Our proactive approach allowed us to address any issues preemptively. It instilled confidence in our ability to navigate unforeseen challenges with precision and efficiency, setting the stage for a project executed with unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail,” said Ryan Roebke, Project Manager.

Before and After Lawrence Sage HallStaying on schedule was crucial for our project, especially considering we were the trailblazers, setting the pace for everyone else involved. As the first team in, any delay on our part would inevitably cascade down the line, affecting the timelines of all subsequent teams. The stakes were higher than just meeting deadlines; they meant ensuring the comfort and convenience of the students we were serving.

Construction concluded precisely as scheduled due to pre-planning, collaboration between our design team, and the unwavering dedication of our field crews. This allowed the students to transition seamlessly into their new environment on time.

We Deliver Complete Solutions:

Our full-service solutions for this project included HVAC, plumbing, metal fabrication, engineering, and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction).

We Are Creating Customers for Life®:

Lawrenece University Sage Hall Remodel AppletonAt Bassett, we’re about completing projects, cultivating relationships, and Creating Customers for Life®. Our commitment to providing complete solutions goes beyond mere service—we strive to anticipate and fulfill every need our customers may have. This means offering top-notch plumbing, HVAC, design, and pre-fabrication capabilities and ensuring seamless integration and impeccable execution.

Behind every successful project is our dedicated team of passionate professionals—master plumbers, engineers, project managers, and more—who go above and beyond to deliver excellence at every turn. Ultimately, our unwavering commitment to our customers sets us apart, fostering trust, loyalty, and enduring partnerships that extend far beyond the completion of any single project.