How often do you brush your teeth? When our dentists ask us this question we proudly respond “two times a day for two minutes”- we boast our daily commitment to good dental hygiene. What happens when the dentist asks us “how often do you floss?” Gulp. For most of us, the answer is probably not as often as recommended. Our response to that is a sheepish “well, I do it most of the time”.

How often do we practice good preventative safety measures? Do we shrug our shoulders and say “well, I do it most of the time”? Just like having generally good dental hygiene doesn’t give you maximum protection against cavities, having generally good safety habits doesn’t give you maximum protection from workplace or everyday safety risks. We know that it’s consistent dental care that protects us from that painful tooth extraction or tooth replacement. The same is true for safety. It’s not the once or twice you did something safe, but rather consistent practice that actually improves your safety.

We want you to live your best life which means going home at night to do the things you enjoy and being fully capable of doing them. So brush (and floss) those teeth. Buckle those seatbelts. Pick up those trip hazards. Lift with those legs. Put on those gloves. You are investing in the future you…all of the time.