Creating a Customer for Life with United Community Center in Milwaukee

Full-Coverage Maintenance Agreement for Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Julie Nieves, UCC Security/Maintenance Supervisor at UCC says, “Bassett does our heating and air conditioning system, they maintain our boiler system, they do various other work that needs to be done. Having a technician person like Anthony on board is very helpful. He’s very thorough in what he does. He explains it to me so I can return it to my bosses.”

Anthony Hoernke, HVAC Service Supervisor at Bassett Mechanical, is the dedicated technician for all UCC facilities.  “I have a really good relationship with Julio and his guys. They let me know when there are problems and help me find the affected unit or classrooms. They make my life a lot easier, and hopefully, I solved their problems before they’re a bigger issue for them.”

Nieves says, “Having Bassett come in and take care of our system helps us a lot because we are a small maintenance team. And the campus is big. I’ve never worked with a company that has been so flexible and very helpful. They look for solutions and save us money. Bassett is really out there looking out for you. They look out for us. Anthony is like one of the workers here. He’s got his own badge. He’s got his keys. He’s the man right there. That’s my man.”

Importance of Community

UCC is a really important part of this community. According to Hoernke, it means a lot to work here at UCC. “Working for people in a family and community-orientated environment makes you feel good. As an organization, I think UCC and Bassett are aligned in that way. It is a family business and integral to the community. I think it makes us a really good match.”

The service that UCC delivers is for the whole community, and UCC needs people who are responsible, responsive, and will be there any time that UCC needs them.

“Bassett had made that commitment with us. I think that is a very great partnership,” said Ruiz.

About United Community Center (UCC)

UCC is a comprehensive social service agency serving Hispanics and residents of Milwaukee’s near south side since 1970. UCC was started in 1970.

“We started small, and as of today, we carry more than 550 employees,” said Juan Ruiz, UCC Deputy Director.

They have a school with 1800 kids and a program for the elderly. They also have another Human Services program for alcohol and drug abuse and three residentials. They also have a restaurant, Cafe el Sol, with a very nice fish fry.

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