The following is a testimony from Jay L. who works at Madison Kipp Corporation:

“Since we’ve partnered with Bassett it’s been great. It’s how we’ve pictured an HVAC contracting partnership should be. We had a building expansion that was done a number of years ago. Started out as warehouse space. Added ten HVAC rooftop units and two destratification fans. When we worked with project management at Bassett one of the big issues was- how do we get these units on top of an existing building that’s in operation in a short timeframe without shutting our business down?

In the end a helicopter based lift with a short production down time during the day ended up being the most feasible economically and logistically. We had great results. We set ten rooftop units in a really short period of time. I believe it was under a half an hour total from start to finish.

I can’t say enough about it. It’s taken what was the bane of our production existence in that building and turned it into something no one ever talks about anymore because it works. Everyone was very committed to getting us a legitimate real solution at the best price that you could offer so we had the confidence that the people would be there, that the safety would be there, that the time line would be met, and that after all of those things were done we weren’t left with a surprise on the bill.

Coordination of our helicopter lift was was really good also. Safety there was phenomenal. We had very clear walk-throughs ahead of time, there was a pre-meeting to let us know what to expect, and what to tell our people to expect so that no one was caught off guard. It was done safely and with a huge amount of professionalism from start to finish. We were really thrilled with all of the things that Bassett has done with us.”


“We’ve recently transferred over our maintenance for three facilities to Bassett. We had previously been with another company and we struggled to find a good partner for service. I’m happy to say that since Bassett has taken over our number of issues has decreased. It’s been a good partnership so far and response time has been great. They’ve been here off hours, odd hours, holiday weekends, that’s been a partnership that we’ve had with them and it’s again been a pleasurable experience.

The highlights as far as contractor interaction for us were the expedited timeline that Bassett was able to accomplish for us that got us to target faster, the professionalism of everyone on site from subs to project managers to laborers that were doing other tasks. Everyone checked in, they followed our safety guidelines, they worked safe, and in the end we have a very clean, very functional HVAC system that is doing exactly what we had hoped it would do when we set down the road to accomplish this.

You know it’s a really good feeling to be taken care of as a customer and to know that we’ve got confidence and that we’ve got a go-to company that’s there for us and a true partner in this relationship.”


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