Today looks different than yesterday. Yesterday looks different than it did a month, three months, or a year ago. The widespread impact of COVID-19 has shaken the way we work, play, buy, travel, and interact with others. Individuals and organizations, companies and businesses alike have had to make significant changes. Some of which have hit home and hit hard.

These times have been tough. But even while we are separated, we still stand together. As a company, we have focused on working together to provide help in ways we hope are meaningful for our customers, associates, our communities, and those on the front lines. We believe in giving back to our communities and are especially committed to providing help to those affected by this pandemic.


In partnership with Local 18, we were proud to provide 17,800 nose clips for facemasks which we cut from sheets of aluminum in our manufacturing facility. These clips have been distributed to various local sewists who are hard at work making masks to help front-line workers at hospitals, nursing homes, and other necessary operations. Read the press release here.


We are proud to support the creation of emergency deployable medical units that provide a clean and comfortable environment for hospitals and clinics if overflow is necessary. Bassett Mechanical aided in the creation of an HVAC and plumbing solution and fabricated pre-assemblies for these units which not only supports the overall initiative but also minimizes the onsite installation time from approximately 4 days to only 1. Read the article here.


Even while maintaining proper social distancing and other safety precautions and measures, Bassett Mechanical associates were proud to donate their time and blood to a local organization especially in need during this time. Our company registered 33 donors and collected 31 units of blood. This donation has the potential to save up to 93 lives.


Reopening a building or ensuring a facility is ready for occupant use after an outbreak like COVID-19 can be challenging and there are many details to consider. To help business owners and operations managers make informed and proactive decisions related to the quality and safety of their facility, we created a three-part educational series that shares industry updates and best practices in response to the recent pandemic. This series explains how contaminants could impact a facility’s mechanical systems, potential strategies and risks to consider, and how to respond to help keep people and products clean and safe. Read the educational series here.

“If our company can contribute to making lives better during this pandemic and make an impact in some way, that’s what we’ll do.”- Kim Bassett, President & CEO


LEAVEN is a local non-profit in our community whose mission is to stabilize and empower people who are in financial crisis by providing financial assistance, resource coordination, and case management to address near-term and long-term basic needs. During these very uncertain times, individuals can call on organizations like LEAVEN for help. Bill Bassett, Bassett Mechanical’s Chairman of the Board said, “As our community deals with the impact of COVID-19, it highlights the importance of LEAVEN’s mission of helping people get through unexpected events in their lives. Bassett supports the mission and has made a renewed commitment of $25,000 from our foundation to allow LEAVEN to serve those in need during these difficult times.”

We continue to look for ways to support our customers, associates, and community members and are glad to have made an impact during these challenging times. Kim Bassett, President and CEO states, “We are proud to support the community in these various ways. We are living through challenging times and it is important to stand together. If our company can contribute to making lives better during this pandemic and make an impact in some way, that’s what we’ll do.”