Bassett Mechanical offers internship opportunities in various aspects of our business. These opportunities allow aspiring young professionals to explore different avenues they might be interested in, get exposure to various roles and departments, and receive hands-on training that facilitates personal and professional growth.

This summer, we welcomed Anthony M. to our Bassett Mechanical Family! Anthony joined the team as a Thermatech Engineering intern. We interviewed Anthony to understand how his internship prepares him for his engineering career.

Meet Anthony:

Q: First things first, tell us about yourself!

A: I’m Anthony Malinowski from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I will be a senior at Ferris State University studying Manufacturing Engineering Technology, and I have an associate’s degree in Mechanical Design from Grand Rapids Community College. I enjoy playing board games and building Lego sets in my free time.

Q: How did you get into engineering?

A: I started getting into engineering in my freshman and sophomore years of high school. I had the opportunity to do LaunchU, a dual enrollment program working with GRCC for mechanical design, and that’s where I hit the ground running. I enrolled at the start of my sophomore year and got my degree in 2023. Studying manufacturing engineering felt like the next step since it involves going from designing the parts in CAD to physically making them.

Q: Do you have a mentor who has impacted your life and career?

A: One of my more recent mentors has been Angie Mishler, the director of student academic affairs at Ferris State. Mishler has helped guide me through Ferris and helped push me out of my comfort zone. I likely wouldn’t have discovered Bassett if it weren’t for her.

Q: What is your dream job in engineering? 

A: No specific job or position comes to mind for me. The main thing that I would want is to make and design something and then figure out how it might be made. I would be interested in balancing working with a CAD program and the shop floor.

Q: What have you learned so far??

A: Before starting, I knew next to nothing about pressure vessels. Learning the different codes and using COMPRESS have been some of the biggest hurdles. I’ve started to get more comfortable with it over time, so I’ve been able to apply my previous 3D CAD experience to help improve the division’s general workflow.

Q:  What are you hoping to gain from this experience?

A: I’m hoping to gain more in-industry experience with engineering. I’ve heard various situations my professors have been in that have helped them grow. I want to widen my abilities to apply them to my classes when the fall semester starts back up.

Q: Why did you want a Thermatech engineer internship at Bassett Mechanical? 

A: I met ChaMee and Bethaney at Ferris’ internship and career fair this past fall. I went between classes, not expecting much, but here I am now! After researching, I found that Bassett Mechanical was a good fit for me. Being so far away from home, many people said I should consider it an experience to be in a completely different state this summer.

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