Bassett Mechanical offers internship opportunities in various aspects of our business. These opportunities allow aspiring young professionals to explore different avenues they might be interested in, get exposure to a variety of roles and departments, and receive hands-on training that facilitates personal and professional growth.

This summer, we welcomed Grace M. to our Bassett Mechanical Family! Grace joined the team as a Human Resource intern. We interviewed Grace to understand how her internship prepares her for her Human Resource career.


Q: First things first, tell us about yourself!

A: My name is Grace McCune, I am going into my senior year at St. Norbert College to get my bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in Human Resources and I am also on the women’s tennis team. I am originally from Hartford, WI but have grown to love the Green Bay area and enjoy exploring to find new coffee shops and bakeries.

Q: Why did you get into Human Resource?

A: I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I started college and I played around with a few other paths but landed with human resources because of the people aspect. I like the stability of working in an office but the variability of what I can work on day to day creates the aspect that keeps me on my toes.

Q: What type of projects will you be working on this summer? 

A: Assisting in necessary Human Resource activities that help the continuous movement that this department is. I have gained exposure and worked closely with ChaMee our Talent Acquisition Specialist in our screening processes and the communication with potential hires.

Q: What are you hoping to gain from this internship experience? 

A: I am hoping to gain as much exposure to the field as I can and to expand my knowledge past the information given in textbooks. There are also many parts of HR that I am looking forward to learning about, especially with how things are done here at Bassett Mechanical.

Q: Who has been a mentor that has impacted your life and career?

A: A mentor in my life would have to be my dad because of his determination to get where he is now in his life. He has shown me how hard work and commitment can create opportunities to continually advance in your life in terms of general life aspects as well as in a career setting.

Q: What is some advice for people looking to start a career in Human Resource?

A: Some advice I have learned in my time here so far would be to put yourself out there for all the opportunities you see and to network and create connections. At a level like mine, taking classes that aid in the understanding of the processes that go on was instrumental in my ability to jump in and catch on to the day-to-day processes that happen here at Bassett.

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