Versatility. Customization. Possibilities.  As a provider of customized Metal Fabricating, Bassett Mechanical has the capabilities and expertise to fabricate just about anything.  From the depths of the ocean to the galaxies far beyond – any size, any shape, any purpose.


With our specialized pressure vessel capabilities, Bassett Mechanical has fabricated saturation dive systems that are used underwater. These vessels are used to house deep-sea divers while they are performing various types of underwater work.  As you can imagine, it is important that these chambers meet the highest quality standards ensuring accurate internal pressures as well as the safety of its occupants.


As a domestic and international provider of custom fabricated equipment, it’s easy to see what Bassett Mechanical can create for use on land because there is something we’ve created just about everywhere you look. Here are a few notable mentions:

  • Dryer Drums. Dryer drums are used to dry manure for fertilizing. Not only does this provide for lighter and more efficient transport of the manure, but also (once dried) produces a much less pungent odor making the storage and use of manure easier on the nose.
  • Wind Tower Columns. The next generation of renewable energy is supported by our fabrication of wind tower columns. We refer to this market as medium wind because it typically involves turbines from 25kw to 1MW which are used by local municipalities, industrial parks, and school or college campuses to provide a source of renewable energy. We are proud to help this power source gain momentum.
  • Industrial Refrigeration. Food processing, including dairy, meat and cheese processing, and ready-to-eat (RTE) food preparation requires hygienic air handling as a critical element of the food processing system. Bassett specializes in hygienic ductwork solutions that eliminate “catch points” that could become hot spots for bacterial and pathogen growth.  Automated seam welding, high-quality TIG welds, and smooth surface finishes are all techniques we apply to produce ductwork suitable for sanitary food plant environments. We also create skid packages and specialize in industrial refrigeration which keeps food and beverage processing systems cool and provides safe and cost-effective installation of ammonia or other environmentally friendly natural refrigerants.

Our skilled tradespeople have also built a wide variety of fabrications for many different industries including:

  • 80 ft. diameter wastewater treatment tanks
  • Cascade heat exchangers
  • 180 ft. vertical vessels
  • Silencing vents for generator noise control
  • Bulk product cooling towers
  • Flag poles, structural ladders, platforms, and catwalks
  • Pressure tanks….and much more!

The possibilities are limitless.


One of our most complex projects has been the creation of a pressure vessel for use with cryogenic liquid oxygen. This massive capsule is pressurized up to 3,750 PSI and is rated for – 455°F. Our capability to weld a shell thickness of over 5” thick enables this capsule to be used in a variety of out-of-this-world applications.

Wherever your imagination leads you, we can help. Count on Bassett Mechanical for all your above and beyond needs and let us help YOU achieve your far-reaching goals.