In January of 2020, we announced the grand opening of our fourth location.  Our Wausau, Wisconsin site launch was an exciting addition to our preexisting locations in Madison, Milwaukee, and Kaukauna, Wisconsin.

After a year, we are proud to share the ways we have grown and the relationships we have built with customers and companies that we have been able to better serve throughout our time here.


While we have been serving the Wausau area for several years, building a “home” for our technicians in the area was an important step in continuing to serve our customers and take care of our associates.  Having this local site made it possible for our company to be even more engaged and support such a strong community.

“Not only is Wausau a growing area, but it is also full of down-home, hardworking, good people,” says Nick Hietpas, Area HVAC Service Manager. “We are proud to build relationships with our new and existing customers in this area and work closely with them to help get them the solutions they need.” Sam Huss, Regional HVAC Solutions Manager, has been working with customers in this territory for years. Huss says there is a level of trust that our technicians have built with the Wausau community. “A handshake goes a long way,” says Huss. Our technicians working from this location feel a strong connection to their local customers and are dedicated to proving to them that they made the right decision choosing Bassett Mechanical for their needs. These technicians take pride in building partnerships and working to exceed expectations. “Bassett Mechanical’s culture is built around working together and providing safe, honest, and reliable solutions, so we are a great fit for the needs of our customers,” says Huss.

Our technicians working from this location feel a strong connection to their local customers and are dedicated to proving to them that they made the right decision choosing Bassett Mechanical for their needs.


Opening the Wausau location is Bassett Mechanical’s way of showing commitment to the Wausau market and communities. Huss says, “We want our customers and potential customers to know that we are committed to growing our home in Wausau. This is a long-term commitment to the people in this area, our local technicians, and the community. We can prove to customers that not only do we have all the skills and local resources for them to be a life-long customer but that we are willing to invest in them and their future growth as well.”

Increasing the material and tool footprint in this region offers technicians the resources they need to help customers with their unique challenges. By paying close attention to the customer’s objectives, our associates can provide complete solutions for today and also in the future- whether it’s service, customized maintenance, or our HVAC and Industrial Refrigeration design-build capabilities.


Over the past year, associates in the Wausau region have been working diligently to build strong partnerships with customers and the community. “Our technicians are the backbone of what we do”, says Huss, “It’s all about them and what they do for our customers. They are highly regarded because they take detailed care of each and every customer”. The dedication of these technicians is unmatched.

“The drive to take care of our customers comes from believing Bassett is the best”, says Ryan K., Wausau HVAC Service Supervisor. As a local technician, he strives to not only take good care of his customers but to get to know them as well. He says it gives his work a “family feel”. “Taking care of the customer isn’t just about service or maintenance, it’s also learning about their families, hobbies, or just having a good laugh together.”  This care and concern for our customers is part of Bassett Mechanical’s culture, and has helped to drive steady growth in Wausau in spite of launching this new location just a month before a global pandemic. “Our first year may have been a unique one, but we continue to push through the challenges,” says Huss.  “We hope that proves our commitment to both our customers and our technicians.”


As a growing company, in a growing community, with a growing number of technicians, we have many things to look forward to. Today, we are currently serving numerous markets from our Wausau location including healthcare, manufacturing, food production, cold storage, offices, news stations, truck stops, municipalities, and educational facilities. But it doesn’t stop there. There are still many untapped opportunities for customers to engage with our complete solutions. Hietpas says customers can certainly call us if they need help, but may also benefit from learning more about customizable preventative maintenance agreements, or our HVAC and Industrial Refrigeration design-build capabilities.  “Our local technicians are always here to answer the call when our customers need us, no matter which of our unique solutions they need,” says Hietpas.

We would like to thank our dedicated and passionate technicians for their commitment to serving our customers. We would also like to thank our customers for entrusting the care of their critical systems to us. We proudly serve your systems and thank you for so openly welcoming us to the Wausau community.

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