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"When bringing Bassett on-site, I never have a worry about the workmanship and professionalism that is displayed. A great, worry-free contractor!"
"My experiences with Bassett have been very positive. When bringing Bassett onsite, I never have a worry about the workmanship and professionalism that is displayed. A great worry free contractor!" -McCain Foods"


At Bassett, safety is a core value of our everyday culture. It goes beyond daily planning, toolbox talks, and frequent training. We are dedicated to providing a safe and injury-free workplace for all our employees and the public-at-large in all our operations. As company president and CEO Kim Bassett is often quoted as saying, “I want a safe place for our associates so they go home at night to their families as safe as they arrived in the morning.”

Bassett operates on these four basic safety principles:

  1. All injuries are preventable.
  2. Employee participation in our safety processes is the key to preventing injuries.
  3. All employees are responsible for safety and for preventing injuries.
  4. Safety is a condition of employment.

Our commitment to safety is based on caring, and it comes by no accident. All of our employees participate in occupational training programs to boost their knowledge and understanding of our established workplace safety processes and how to perform their jobs without injury. Daily safety processes ensure that employees have the training, tools, and time to do their jobs safely.

All this hard work and dedication from our employees has paid off with a safety record that’s one of the best in the industry. Over the years, our employees have worked millions of hours without a lost-time injury reaping numerous state and national awards.

So what does Bassett Safety mean to our customers? It means we provide equipment that is safe to use and install. That equipment will be of the highest quality built with care and attention to detail. Your project will be delivered on time because our safe work practices mean no injury shutdowns or delays. And Bassett safety means lower overhead from insurance costs because we enjoy lower rates due to our injury prevention practices…allowing us to quote – and provide – work at the best possible price.

Bassett Mechanical’s safety achievements have been recognized by a variety of organizations:

  • National Safety Council
  • Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of America
  • Wisconsin Safety Council
  • Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

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