Faced with the large costs associated with building construction, restricted engine room space, and a food business that continues to grow rapidly, our customer came to Bassett for help in planning for their future growth. Having a history of providing both innovative designs and years of service, we worked to exceed their expectations once again and considered the means to deliver the additional refrigeration capabilities needed to serve this evolving business.

We detailed a modular engine room concept, using a modified high-cube shipping container (equipped with lighting, insulation, ventilation and safety features) and reached an agreement with the customer on the concept and basic design.

Two containers, containing compressors, controls, valves, piping, and tanks would be installed outdoors, adjacent to the customer facility as the beginning of a series of modular compressor (engine) rooms or “prepackaged systems”.

After the order was placed, our Metal Fabrication design team launched into action and created 3-D models of the system. Further, working from these models and detailing from the actual containers, important considerations such as integrating the I-beam structural support of the compressors into the package were worked through. This required the practical knowledge of our experienced manufacturing facility floor team members. Details shifted and changed, but our 3-D modeling enabled consideration of these changes before metal was cut, controlling costs and improving the final result.

Our Project Management team coordinated efforts and communications with the customer and contributing trades and field operations to provide a seamless installation and customer experience.

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