Over the years, Bassett Mechanical has made a strategic decision to continue to invest in expanding design capabilities. From purchasing a 3D laser scanner for capturing accurate data at our customer sites to a robotic total station to improve accuracy in the field layout, the technology continues to evolve and so do we.


In 2020 we invested in Virtual Design and Construction by adding more design resources and personnel, additional design software and hardware, along with making process improvements to how design information is transferred effectively to our field crews and our fabrication facility.

This technology continues to make way for greater collaboration and efficiencies, allowing us to share the design solution more effectively with our customers before the project starts. Having the ability to use the scan data from the customer site not only allows us to fabricate with incredible accuracy, but it also provides a real-life representation of the site conditions where we can discuss concerns related to safety, accessibility, and project schedule with the customer, foreman, engineer, and project manager before the work begins.


In the example pictured, our team laser scanned the customer site and identified many existing obstacles giving us an opportunity to avoid congested areas throughout the design process. Our experienced engineers designed a solution that included a customized 3D pump skid package modeled by our metal fabrication team. Our Virtual Design and Construction capabilities allowed us to import the skid model and route the piping in our REVIT® software. Our metal fabrication division prefabricated the skid package, supports, oil pot, and interconnecting piping to support an efficient installation on site.  While this project required a site shut down, due to the Virtual Design Construction components, the expert design from our engineers, the integrated controls, and prefabrication from our manufacturing facility, this project was executed successfully by our dedicated field and installation crews on a tight schedule.


In 2021 Bassett Mechanical has more plans to expand our Virtual Design and Construction capabilities by adding a mobile work station, optimizing our design/fabrication database, and expanding on our pre-fabrication capabilities within HVAC, plumbing, and refrigeration. This investment in Virtual Design and Construction leads to our ability to pre-fabricate more of the project in a controlled environment, minimizing or eliminating weather-related challenges and exposure to the elements, reducing the risk of debris collection, and increasing efficiency and weld quality. We are proud to combine our prefabrication abilities with this growing technology, allowing our team to closely manage the project schedules and create an unrivaled experience for our customers.

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